10 Ring Archery League

Archery leagues are a fun way to shoot weekly and make new archery friends! Big Woods Goods is happy to host 10 Ring Archery League for shooters of any level and bring our local archery community together. From bow-hunters to spot shooters and beginners to advanced archers we have a great league for you to compete in through out the year!

League members will compete individually and teams. The league will have a handicap, so archers with a lower average can better compete for points and everyone has the potential to win league. The league runs every Thursday (some exceptions may apply, please check our CALENDAR) starting at 6:30pm. 

Registration is only $10 and you can win up to 50% of proceeds (prizes are in the form of a Big Woods Goods Gift Card). You can register online, over the phone or at the store. For any questions, speak with one of our league facilitators @ 678-880-0493.