Gunsmithing at Big Woods Goods

World-class products, excellent service, and a state-of-the art facilities are what you expect from the Big Woods Goods. Our commitment to you continues with comprehensive firearm cleaning, maintenance and repairs provided by our in-house Gunsmithing Service Department.

Our fully equipped workshop is staffed by qualified, knowledgeable and friendly personnel who are in tune with your needs. Whether you rely on your firearm for defense, hunting, competition or leisure, our extensive selection of competitively priced maintenance, repairs and custom enhancements. we will ensure it remains reliable, dependable and performing as intended. You can rely on the wide experience and combined skills of our trained technicians to keep your firearms fully operational. Below are just a few of our options that we can provide for you.

If there is a service that you do not see listed please stop by or give us a call for a quote.

Long Gun Services

Hourly Rate $60/hr
Scope Mounting  $15
Bore Sighting $15
Live Fire Zeroing $25+Ammo
Basic Field Strip Cleaning $55
Deep Cleaning Starting at $65
Trigger Work Starting at $60
Hot Salt Bluing  $250-$350


Hand Gun Services 

Hourly Rate $60
Scope Mounting $15
Bore Sighting $15
Live Fire Zeroing $25+ammo
Basic Field Strip Cleaning $45
Deep Cleaning  Starting at $55
Trigger Work (Parts not included) Starting at $60
Sight Installation for GLOCK (NO filing or fitting)  $20
Sight Installation for all other handguns (NO filing or fitting) $35



  Call for Cost
  Call for Cost
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1911 Service 

  Call for Cost
  Call for Cost


AR Rifle Service 

Hourly Rate Call for Cost
Scope Mounting & Electronic Boresighting Call for Cost
Electronic Boresighting Call for Cost
Complete disassemble, clean, inspect, oil and safety check Call for Cost
Stock Installations Call for Cost


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