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This is a “Shoot & Move” Bowling Pin Challenge. It is a handgun match that is a great way for those new to shooting competition to get started and for those with a lot of experience to work on their skills. You will work on target acquisition, sight alignment, grip, trigger control, transition, and shooting under (time) pressures. It is great for newer shooters, as the Range officers are allowed to provide advice as needed.

The match consists of bowling pins set on different tables and stands. The distances to the pins may vary but the average distance is about 7-10 yards. Each set of pins is shot once and this is considered a “Stage”. The first stage is usually a warm-up of one table and the following stages may force you to move to multiple positions. There are usually 6 or more stages depending on the time available. The stages are designed to work on specific techniques to help build a well-rounded skill set. Some pins will be out in the open, others might be hiding behind 'no shoot' pins to increase the challenge. Your times are recorded and added together for a total time, but the most fun is in seeing your own improvement! We start from a low-ready position, rather than drawing - this helps the newer shooters and allows experienced shooters to shoot equipment for which they don't have a holster - they will need to keep it in a gun rug (bag) until their turn.


Since this is a fun match, we don't have divisions.  Any typical handgun is acceptable as long as it is safe.  The Range Officers reserve the right to not allow a handgun or equipment if they deem it unsafe.  Typical styles are Iron Sight, Optics, 22, or Revolver.  They may be stock factory issue or competition modified.  We do NOT allow AR-style pistols or Pistol Caliber Carbines.  Occasionally we will announce a specialty night such as 22, or carry gun where we encourage participants to bring that style, but it is not mandatory.

What you Need

You will need a firearm, ammo, extra magazines and or speed loaders. Your gun MUST be brought into the range in a bag (not worn).  You will need at least 2 magazines, more is better.  We recommend belt-mounted magazine holders but they are not absolutely required.  We also recommend a sturdy Kydex or leather holster (please, no nylon) but if you don't have a holster, bring the gun in a gun rug (small gun bag).  Holsters must be worn no further back than 3:00 or 9:00 (ie. hip mounted).  Eye and Ear protection is mandatory.  Firearms, ammo, and eye/ear protection can be purchased on site. Holsters, magazines,  Mag Holsters and Ammunition can be purchased at the range.  Typical matches require 1 to 2 boxes (50 to 100 rounds) of ammo, depending on your accuracy.

What to Expect…

Expect to learn to do techniques you may have never tried before. Or work on techniques you are not allowed to typically do in a range. The range officers will require everyone to follow the range safety rules and can provide guidance and encouragement.

Please see the safety briefing at the following link:

Match Safety Briefing

When to be Here

  • 2nd and 4th Monday of the month.
  • Please arrive at 6:00pm for new shooters briefing and to help set up.
  • First shots at 6:30pm. Done by 9pm.
  • $14 per person