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Basic AR rifles course is an introductory course into rifles will begin with a review of firearms safety and the fundamentals of shooting. It will progress from there to include instruction on rifle options and the different ammunitions. Students will practice these basic skills to improve abilities to effectively engage targets under a variety of conditions. It is intended for students unfamiliar with rifle procedures, or those who need to develop a solid foundation of shooting skills with a rifle. Students will quickly gain experience and confidence while increasing their overall skill level with their rifle.

4 hours total

Registration fee is only $125.00

Fee includes: Training and Range Time.

(Rental available)

Students wishing to register for this course must be at least 18 years of age or older.

3 hours classroom and 1 hours of range training includes:

  • …and other related topics of discussion

NOTE: This class does not include ammunition.

Ammunition Requirements:

  • 200 rounds of proper ammunition
  • *No Greentip, Armor Piercing/LAP, Steel Core*

Gear to bring to the range includes:

  • Rifle, 3 magazines, eye protection, ear protection, and a firearms cleaning kit for use in cleaning rifles.
  • Be sure to wear comfortable clothing on the range that provides protection from recoil, and spent casings.


All firearms should be brought to the range unloaded and encased. All student-brought firearms will be subject to a safety inspection prior to live fire exercises.

Call (678-880-0493) or e-mail us today for more information.

Classes and space are limited to 10 students per class, so register early!

See our Calendar of Events for times and availability.