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Range Hours may be different than Store Hours because of Matches and other events!

See our calendar for details. Call if questions.

Store Hours

Mon, Thu 10am — 8pm
Sat, Tue, Wed, Fri 10am — 6pm
Sun 11am — 5pm

Range Times

We take the “Last Shooter" for general range use no later than ½ Hour before range closing time. 

The range normally opens at store opening and closes at store closing. When it is used for our tournaments, it is closed for general use and reserved for participants only. In general, this means the following times:

  Check-in no sooner than:  Check-in no later than:
Mon 10:00a


5:15p (Range closes early for a Bowling Pin match every 2nd and 4th Monday)

Tue 10:00a  5:15p
Wed 10:00a 5:15p
Thur 10:00a 5:15p (Range closes early for a USPSA match every Thursday)
Fri 10:00a 5:15p
Sat 10:00a 5:15p
Sun 11:00a 4:15p

However, these times may vary during Holidays and Special Events held at the store.

The Bowling Pin and USPSA matches are open to public participation. See below for more information.

Please Read..

Our Gun Range Rules and new shooters please view the Safety Video.


Gun Rental Rates

In the mood for something different? We have various rentals in stock - semi-auto pistols, revolvers, rifles and shotguns - featuring major manufacturers such as S&W, Springfield, FNH, Walther, Ruger, CZ, and Glock.

See our Rental Guns List to view our complete selection.

  • Handgun rentals are $10.00 per
  • Long gun rentals are $15.00 per

You must use our ammo for any of our rentals.

Discounts and free gun rentals for members! See Range Memberships


Gun Range Rates


Flat Rate: (Shoot as long as you want)

Single Person (One Lane): $16.99
Second Shooter (Same Lane): $9.99
Second Shooter (Same Lane):(Child under 14 years of age): $6.99


Discounts and free range time for members! See Range Memberships

Ready for Something Different?

Tired of just shooting holes in paper?

Big Woods Goods has the solution you’ve been looking for. We offer a variety of indoor tournaments for you.  New shooters especially enjoy the Move and Shoot Bowing Pin match held the 2nd and 4th Mondays each month.  And, every Thursday Night you can develop new skills at the Practical Action shooting matches which follows United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) rules.  All matches are run by certified range officers putting safety first. See..

Bowling Pin Tournament

Practical Action Shooting Match 

The Gun Range

Our firing range has 10 lanes with spacious four foot wide bays. If you just want to watch the action from outside the range we offer a viewing area with seating and four huge ballistic windows to watch all the action on the range.

Big Woods Goods has spared no expense in bringing you the most up to date state of the art facilities in the area. Once you have visited our establishment you will see that there is no other place that can offer you the same. We believe our facility to be the finest in the southeast. Stop by soon and give us a try.


Most indoor ranges do not offer adequate ventilation in their range because of the astronomical costs involved in having the right equipment. Be assured Big Woods Goods has cut no corners in giving you what you need. Ever been to a range that was full of smoke, maybe you left blowing black stuff out your nose or just had that metal taste in your mouth. None of these things are good, it’s not the smoke you have to worry about it is what you cannot see which is the lead. You may be thinking, well they would not be open if the range was not safe, not true, most cities and counties do not have specifications for indoor shooting range air quality. OSHA and or the EPA will not get involved until a report is filed. The best set (to our knowledge) of written specifications for air quality in indoor ranges is by the US Military. Their standards are the highest anywhere for their indoor ranges and that is the standard that Big Woods Goods uses and follows. All ranges have lead in them but with the right air flow and filtration your exposure can be greatly reduced. Ventilation is the key to a safe indoor range environment and we have spared no expense so that our customers can be safe on our range. The facility is climate controlled for your comfort.


Most indoor ranges are dark, dim and make you feel like you’re in a dungeon. Our range is bright and well lit with no shaded areas. The lighted target carriers can be deployed anywhere on the track and targets are always visible.

Shooting Partitions

The partitions are manufactured to provide ballistic protection from other shooters as well as effortless maintenance. The bays are rated for magnum ballistics and are finished with an ABS plastic coating for cleanliness. All partitions are furnished with snap-up counter tops, and brass receptacles. We offer a shooting bench for those of you that need to sight in that rifle one last time before hunting season. Some partitions are handicap accessible.

Target Carrier

Tired of just shooting at paper that bounces or sways around? Our target carriers are a cable system that is fully armored and capable of withstanding frontal impacts from all handguns and light center fire rifles. 


Control Units

Individual control units located at each bay is what controls the target system. It has all the capabilities of the master control at the individual lane level. This controller will allow the user to set the targets to any distance from 1’ to 75’. The controller keypad is extremely user friendly and does not require any computer skills to operate.

M-18 Bullet Trap

The M-18 is an eighteen-degree trap with AR 500 armor primary impact plates and is designed to take up to a 50 cal rifle caliber. We currently allow up to a 300mag during the week and only 223/5.56 or 7.62×39 on the weekends at this time. Steel core ammunition is not allowed on the range. There are caliber restriction on the weekends. Please call for more details.