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Unlock the World of Archery with the JOAD Youth Program

JOAD, a nationwide initiative, brings the exhilarating world of archery to young enthusiasts. Our certified coaches are here to guide and nurture youth archers, helping them advance in the sport at their own pace.

Is Archery New to You? JOAD Has You Covered!

If you're new to archery and searching for the perfect starting point, JOAD is your answer. In this dynamic program, you'll embark on a journey where you'll:

  • Learn Essential Skills: Acquire the fundamental skills crucial to archery mastery.

  • Engage in Exciting Games: Enjoy a thrilling array of archery-based games.

  • Earn Prestigious Awards: Reap recognition for your outstanding progress, both in skill development and scoring achievements.

JOAD Star Pins - Your Path to Excellence

For those seeking to reach new heights in archery, JOAD Star Pins are the ultimate accolades. These pins are awarded for scoring achievements at various distances, ranging from 9 meters to 18 meters. JOAD archers can earn Star Pins for their prowess with barebow, basic compound recurve, and/or compound bows. And the best part? Adults, you're welcome to join the Pin program too, no matter your age.

But that's not all. JOAD archers have the opportunity to aim for the coveted "6-Gold" pin, an official recognition bestowed upon those who achieve six consecutive 10's. This remarkable feat can be accomplished either in a single 6-arrow end or across two consecutive 3-arrow ends.

Wear Your Achievements with Pride

Showcase your accomplishments with JOAD Stars Pins on specially designed lanyards tailored to your archery specialty. These lanyards proudly display all your Stars pins, including the optional 6-Star Gold pin.

Olympian Award Levels - Reach for Greatness

For those who aspire to even greater heights, JOAD offers advanced levels of recognition through the Olympian Award Levels - Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Achieving these levels earns archers special recognition from the USA Archery Office, acknowledging their outstanding commitment and skill.

For a deeper dive into the world of JOAD and its myriad opportunities, reach out to one of our dedicated Archery Staff Members. Your archery journey begins here, and the possibilities are limitless.