Corporate Meetings, Team Building, and Parties at Big Woods Goods!

Most people don’t think of Big Woods Goods as a place to host an event. The truth is that BWG is one of the most unique and exciting places you could possibly ask for. Where else can you mix spacious Classrooms, Catering, Archery, Axe Throwing and one of the best Indoor Gun Ranges in the state? There are several portions of the facility that are ideal for your functions. Here are some examples:

Company Event

Big Woods Goods promotes safe gun handling, Axe Throwing and archery for everyone. Your clients can practice their Firearm, Axe and Archery skills, have full use of the spacious Classrooms and catering is available.

Business and Corporate Events

Tired of the same boring golf outing? Nothing quite compares to the rush you receive from having a firearm in your hands and shooting rounds down range, throwing a axe and sticking a bullseye or pulling the string back on a bow and letting the Arrow fly. Shooting activities and events teach concentration, discipline, and team values to the employees of your company. Big Woods Goods can provide a unique learning and entertaining opportunity for companies.

Team Building

Shooting events teach teamwork and trust. A great place to let your hair down and instill company values with staff.

Private Events, Parties and Birthdays

Tired of the Pizza Place, private event parties are great on either the gun or archery range. Holiday parties and thank-you events make you not only the host but also the hero. Our oversized classroom can be turned into a party room making your event private and unique and Catering is available.

Shooting Clubs

Shooting teams can rent our either of our ranges for team practice to hone your skills for future events.

LE Training

With our spacious Facility, Law Enforcement has the perfect place to train their officers. We offer the use of the classrooms, gun range and the large parking area to conduct terry stop training.


Please give us the opportunity to host a unique event for you. Contact us for more information on our facility and other club activities. 678.880.0493 or email.  We look forward to seeing you soon at Big Woods Goods.


Bill Miller