Questions (and Answers)

Where is your range located?

The range is at 350 Ronnell Rd, Canton/Holly Springs, GA 30115

Do you have a Calendar of Events

Yes, See our events Calendar

How big is the store?

20,000sf with 10,000sf of retail space.

How big is the gun range?

It is a 10 lane, 25 yard range.

Do you sell memberships?

We do. More info available on the following pages. Gun Range membership info & Archery Range Membership info.

Will it be a pistol or rifle range?

The range is both pistol and Rifle. It is up to 50cal pistol rated. We will allow up to and including 300win mag rifles during the week. We only allow 223/5.56 and 7.62×39 rifles and all pistols on the weekends.

Why don’t you allow Large Rifles or Shotguns on the weekends?

We do allow 223/5.56 and 7.62×39 on the weekends but as much as we would like to be able to allow larger calibers on the weekend we can’t control where they will be placed in the range. With most shooters just coming in to shoot their pistols on the weekends, having a 300win mag and a 12ga shotgun on both sides of you while shooting your pistol is a bit much.

How much is it to shoot on the range?

I have all range memberships and walk in prices/non-member rates listed on the site.

What type of clothing will I have to wear?

You can wear whatever is comfortable to you but we would recommend something that has a tight collar and footwear that covers the top of your feet. Brass is very hot.

What is the biggest caliber I can shoot on the range?

Up to 50cal. We have other caliber restrictions as well.

Can I double tap my firearm at the range?

There will be certain days of the week that we may allow double taps with supervision. Please ask before double tapping on the range. The weekends are off limits.

Can I holster draw?

Holster draw will only be allowed at certain times and under supervision.

Can I shoot full auto?

As of this time can we will not be allowing full auto.

Can I shoot shotguns?

Shotguns will only be allowed with slug only. Please no shotguns on the weekends.

Can I pick up brass at your range off the floor?

We will allow you to police your own brass behind your line in your lane only.

Will you be renting guns?

We have as of right now 40 handguns and 6 rifles for rental. Ammo will have to be purchased from us for all rentals.

Can I shoot a gun before I buy it?

Rental firearms will be the only guns we will have for customers to try.

Can I shoot my own ammo?

You can shoot your own ammo but it will be inspected by the range officer.

I see that the targets carriers are programmable and turn able, will I be able to run simulations on the range?

Certain days of the week we will.

Can I shoot at targets from one lane to another? 

We will not allow cross lane fire.

Will I have to sign a bunch of paper work before I can shoot on your range? 

We will have a couple of different forms for you to sign. This is for your protection as well as ours. This is one time only unless the rules or (HHA) Hold Harmless Agreement changes.

Will I have to leave my licenses with you when I am on the range? 

My insurance company will be requiring us to hold your ID while you are shooting on the range. We do not charge you until you are finished shooting so this also helps to remind everyone that payment need to be made.

Do you allow children in the range? 

Children are welcome under the supervision of a parent or guardian.

What happens if I shoot something other than the targets?

You will have to sign a waiver that will include charges that can be made, if you destroy something you’re not supposed to.

Are you installing an Archery range?

The archery range is open.

Do you have a copy of your range rules? 

Yes. See the following pages:

Gun Range Safety Rules

Archery Range Rules