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This is the perfect class to teach you how to carry, conceal and use your firearm. You will learn Gun Safety, Reciprocity, Georgia Law, Selecting the best gun, gear and methods of concealment.

There will be several drills: Drawing, cover, concealment and other scenario based actions

And you will learn how to manage a threat through avoidance and response and situational awareness

Participants should be comfortable in the handling of a firearm prior to taking this class.

The Basic Handguns 101 class is better suited for beginners.

To take the class you will need:

  1. Conceal Carry type firearm (we have several for rental if needed)
  2. 3 Magazines total if using a Pistol or 2 speed loaders if using a Revolver
  3. Small handheld light
  4. Outside or inside the waistband holster
  5. Sturdy belt and mag or speed loader carriers
  6. Concealment garment to conceal your gun (Purse, Clothing that covers the firearm)
  7. 200 rounds of ammo

* This class requires your own or rented firearm, wrap around eye protection, ear protection and 200 rounds ammunition. Ammunition can be purchased on the same day as the training.

* Please be sure to wear comfortable clothing on the range that will provide protection from any ejected brass.

* This class happens in two days, please see dates below before registering.

All firearms are subject to a safety inspection prior to live fire exercises.

Classes and space are limited to 18 students per class, so register early!

Course duration: 4-5 hrs

Fee: $125.00

See our Calendar of Events for times and availability.